4 Ways to get through a scorching Day!

Summer Heatwave Ireland 2018

Summer Heatwave Ireland 2018

4 Best Heatwave Cool Downers Ever!

Soaring temperatures in Ireland in the summer – at long last we can hear you all yell!!! 

If you need a bit of time out from the heat or God forbid you hate the sun, what follows might be of use to you…

Are you a sucker for gadgets, and gizmos and up for giving them a go?

Here are 4 cooling classics!

iPhone Micro Fan

Constantly staring at at your phone screen?

Iphone Micro Fan

If so this micro fan is the fan for you? Simply plug into your phone charger socket and you will be instantly cooled down!

It is a super cool and so powerful for a small fan!

No batteries are required! It just plugs into your iPhone charger socket.

It gives you a nice breeze (surprisingly powerful!!!) on the go!

Simple but effective!

Small enough to be tucked away in your pocket or bag when not being used!

Iphone Micro Fan Keep Cool

Get on Amazon HERE

Mist Spray Water bottle

What a superb cool twist on the boring old water bottle?

Water Bottle Mist Spray

Keep hydrated in the scorching summer sun and get a cool mist spray to make sure you don’t overheat!

Get on Amazon HERE

Cooling Towel

Described as a “must have”!

Cool Towel

The towel “stays” cool and is like a walking fridge!!!

Wrap it around your neck if the heat gets too much or rub on the dog’s belly if Rover is finding it all too much!

Get in on Amazon HERE

Whiskey Stones

Ice Ice Baby! Bags of ice by the bucket load will be sold this week but what if you HATE the way ice dilutes your cold drink?

No Ice required

Well, these stones cool the drink but don’t dilute the drink!

They are called Whiskey Stones but can be used in any drink – wine, beer, cocktails or even soft drinks!!!

Get it on Amazon HERE

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