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Finding affordable accommodation is one of the most important factors for most people when they travel. 

We do indeed have many fine hotels, guesthouses and self catering accommodation in the Warrenpoint and County Down area – check out Staycations in Warrenpoint

However, as with the music, film and retail industry, technology has proved to be a disruptive force for the good (or bad!!!) for a key part of the tourism industry locally, nationally and globally.

The traveller now has more options open to them!

Airbnb has become the app of choice for those wishing to book cheaper, alternative or even quirky accommodation when they travel. 

They can make their holiday or stay a more personal experience, even an exciting journey into the unknown!

Airbnb are a technology company at the forefront of what is called the “Sharing Economy”. The sharing economy is when people who have unused stuff share it with people who need it.  A fee can be agreed for the use of the item (or free in some cases).

Technology has enabled the connection of people who have got the something to offer with people who need it,

Airbnb seen the opportunity to connect people who had spare accommodation with those looking for accommodation in that location. 

If you have a room, you list it on Airbnb as a host. You set the price. The guest connects with you to make arrangements for how long the stay will be and Airbnb takes a commission on the price agreed.

We can see with a quick search on Airbnb many listings for Warrenpoint and County Down in general. Airbnb might just be what you need if you want to explore the Mountains of Mourne and all County Down has got to offer.

If you are a host you can upload pictures of the accommodation that you have on offer and tell potential guests a bit about yourself – it really is a super way to really get a unique and personal experience when you travel, for both host and guest!

If you are travelling, you need to set up a profile, connect with the host and book online.

It can be cheaper than traditional accommodation but it definitely adds a sense of adventure to your travelling. Often, the accommodation is in the heart of local neighbourhoods, so you get a real sense of what it is like to live among the locals when you travel.

It is a great way to earn extra cash if you have the space and it is not being used.

The Airbnb system is based on trust from both host and guest. Guests leave reviews so you get a good idea what the experience is like.

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