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Kilfeaghan Dolmen overlooking Carlingford Lough

Nestling on the gentle slopes of Slievefadda in the Mourne Mountains is the Kilfeaghan Dolmen.

The Kilfeaghan Dolmen is a portal tomb built in the Neolithic period in Ireland.

It has stood overlooking Carlingford Lough for over 4000 years.

Kilfeaghan is one of many Megalithic structures that can be found in many parts of Ireland and Europe.

The Megalithic culture celebrated and commemorated by raising large stone structures.

The Neolithic people in Ireland were abandoning a nomadic way of life and were starting to settle and cultivate land for farming.

The dolmen, cairns and standing stones to bury their dead were erected in places they called home and intended to live permanently.

The Kilfeaghan Dolmen is a remarkable feat of engineering (in the absence of mechanical machinery!!!) to locate, transport and assemble this Dolmen.

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The Dolmen were constructed as a burial place where the remains, along with cherished personal valuables, were placed below the stone structure.

This dolmen is probably one of the biggest in Ireland. The large central stone weighs a massive 35 tonnes!!!

There was an excavation of the site carried out in 1956 which uncovered pottery and flint – used to make tools – dating back to the Stone Age.

The area of County Down and Armagh is blessed with an array of well preserved relics dating back over 1000’s of years.

You must check out the spectacular Ballymacdermot Cairn outside Newry.

With all the technology at our fingertips now, it is worth taking time out to visit these monuments and reflect on how our ancestors in The Stone Age lived and made their mark in the world – so profound in its simplicity!

Kilfeaghan Dolmen Stone Age Burial Ground

Kilfeaghan Dolmen is situated on farming land. It is situated on the main Rostrevor to Kilkeel road. You will see a sign on the main road. You will have to park your car along the road were people live and walk across the top of a field to access the Dolmen site.

Kilfeaghan Dolmen how to get to Map

Ballymacdermot Tomb Court Cairn Fairy Ring, Newry, Co. Armagh

Ancient Irish Standing Stones

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