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Hurricane Ophelia batters Ireland

Monday 16 October 2017 was the day that Ireland was at the centre of a storm.


Hurricane Ophelia hit Ireland with a bang.


Many homes have been left without electricity and schools have been closed for two days.


Tragically, three people lost their lives as hurricane force gusts tore down trees and caused damage to property.


Many flights and ferry crossings were postponed as the storm ripped up a frenzy with people being advised to stay in the safety and comfort of their homes while the storm passed.


Ophelia is the worst storm on recorded history to hit the island of Ireland.


Gusts hit up to 100 mph in some areas felling trees and power lines.


Ophelia was the 10th hurricane of the season


The National Hurricane Center in the USA stated that Ophelia¬†“is forecast to become a powerful post-tropical cyclone with hurricane-force winds as it approaches Ireland on Monday”


Met Eireann described the storm as being the most powerful to have ventured eastwards on record.


Check out our video of the drama caused on Carlingford Lough as the eye of the storm passed along the west coast of the country.


A number of roads were closed in the Warrenpoint area with trees felled by the storm.


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