The Beast from the East brings snowfall to Warrenpoint

Snowfall in Warrenpoint in February and March 2018


Check out our video of snow in Warrenpoint brought by the Beast from The East. The east coast of Ireland got the brunt of the Siberia weather conditions in the Winter of 2018.

Snowfall on the shores of Carlingford Lough at Warrenpoint Winter 2018!


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Why was it so cold in Ireland in Winter 2018: What caused the Beast from the East?

It was caused by sudden stratospheric warming (what is that you may ask???)

Usually at this time of year a polar vortex of cold air keeps the cold air above the north and south poles.

If the temperature increases suddenly, this will cause the vortex to break up shifting the direction of the ice cold winds towards us!

However spare a thought for the Siberians – the vortex was -50C when it left them warming significantly by the time it reached us.

Check out the video below which explains why we got the Beast From The East and the severe weather in the winter of 2018 in Ireland.

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A view of Warrenpoint from the Bridle Loanan!

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Some fun in the snow in Warrenpoint …the beast wasn’t all bad!

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Roll on Spring and the Bluebell Forest in Warrenpoint!

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