The Essential Survival Plan for the Warrenpoint Blues on The Bay Festival 

Blues on The Bay Warrenpoint 2018

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2020 UPDATE: BLUES FESTIVAL WARRENPOINT 2020 will NOT TAKE place at the end of May in Warrenpoint.

Organisers have stated that they are looking at a postponement to September 2020 subject to review of the situation then of the coronavirus Pandemic. In the meantime, check out some Virtual Blues on The Bay at our Blues Vid Gallery HERE


Blues on The Bay Warrenpoint Blues Festival

The Essential Festival Survival Guide (For Every Year!!!)

The Blues on The Bay 2018 starts this week from Wednesday 23 May to Monday 28 May 2018 in Warrenpoint, County Down.

We have put together our Essential survival plan for the Warrenpoint Blues on The Bay Festival if you are a visitor to our town for the first time or you are making your annual pilgrimage to Warrenpoint for great music, food and cold beverages.

Some of the natives might find the miracle hangover cure below useful!

If you have any information that you would like to share or you want help with something please comment below!

It looks like we are in for a beautiful weekend of weather (make sure to bring your suncream) and stay nice and hydrated (lots of water of course in addition to the rest!!!)

Sun in Warrenpoint

The Venues

All of the venues in Warrenpoint have some superb music in store for you this weekend.

Check out the Blues on The Bay Gig Guide below and a list of the venues below that have got some cracking live blues music this weekend.

Blues Festival Warrenpoint 2019

Blues on The Bay 2018 Gig Guide

The Ship

The Olde Ship Warrenpoint

The Balmoral

The Balmoral Warrenpoint

First and Last

First & Last Warrenpoint

Number Seven Duke Street

Number Seven Duke Street Warrenpoint

The Whistledown

The Whistledown Warrenpoint

The Vic

The Lough & Quay

The Lough and Quay Warrenpoint

St Peter’s GAA

St Peter's GAA Warrenpoint


The Marine Warrenpoint


INF Warrenpoint

Blues Festival Warrenpoint 2019

The Bluesberry Fringe Festival which has been held in the Park in previous years has been moved to this tranquil spot in Warrenpoint. (Update: Check out 2019 details)

Bluesberry Festival Warrenpoint

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BBC & Ralph Mclean Show

Ralph kickstarts the Blues Festival every year with his BBC live show from Warrenpoint!

Check out some of the beautiful sounds from Ralph’s live broadcast…20 years you say!!!

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Want a Festival Poster? You can get one here

Balmoral Warrenpoint | Lough And Quay Complex & Vecchia Roma | First and Last Bar | Number Seven Duke Street | The Whistledown Hotel | Marine Tavern Bar and Club Cheri | Ye Old Ship Inn | The Vic | DeliLites | Warrenpoint Town Hall | The Tuck Shop | The Genoa Cafe| Friar Tucks Warrenpoint | Country Fried Chicken | Mackrel’s Takeaway | Pizza Point

Ghan Fuel Station | Costcutter | Kilbroney Park Tourist Reception

Sean Hollywood Arts Centre | Newry Town Hall | Maya Cafe | Savages Newsagents | Greenbank Wine Lodge


Katie Banks Coffee shop

Crescent Arts Centre | Baird Sound Systems York St | Matchetts music | Clements Coffee Shop Queens Union | Black Box

Public Toilets (Essential Festival Info!)

There are public toilets located at the Square and the Municipal Park (the Park is closed this year for major restoration work) but the toilets are still open to the public.

Public Toilets Square Warrenpoint


It is most likely all of the accommodation in the area is booked up at this stage but we have a list of some of the options that are available in Warrenpoint.

Accommodation in the area has something for everyone


We sincerely hope nobody will need this over the weekend!

However, it is prudent to be prepared!

There are a number of defibrillators located at various points in Warrenpoint Town Centre – click the pic below – for further information on this life saving machine – save the link should it be needed.

It might just save someones life!

Defibrillators Warrenpoint County Down

Things to see in the Warrenpoint area

You will see the wonderful Narrow Water Keep as you drive along the dual carriageway from Newry approaching Warrenpoint.

The keep was built in the 1560’s as a defence outpost for the town of Newry.

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Take a look at the beauty of Carlingford Lough from the shores of Warrenpoint. Carlingford Lough is where the Mountains of Mourne and the Cooley Peninsula sweep down to the sea into the one Carlingford Lough.

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A short drive along the shoreline brings you to the lovely Rostrevor were you will find the Narnia Trail and the Mountain Trail to the famous Cloughmore.

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There is also a mountain bike trail if you fancy some exercise and excitement on the downhill trail

Mountain Biking Rostrevor

Check out the world famous Redbull Fox Hunt that is held in Rostrevor every year!

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Warrenpoint Municipal Park the location of the very successful Bluesberry Festival is closed this year for an extensive restoration. This has now been relocated to the gardens behind the Church of Ireland on Church Street. (2019 Update – now reopened)

The Municipal Park is due to reopen later this year – we look forward to seeing the results of all the work.

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Parking in Warrenpoint

Warrenpoint has a number of free car parks. The main streets have parking restrictions so just be careful not to park in a spot that might land you a ticket.

Traffic wardens are known to roam these streets and just love to dish out tickets!

Parking in Warrenpoint

Parkopaeida is a handy app to use to locate parking in any town or city – check it out in use in Warrenpoint below.

Parkopedia Warrenpoint

Food in Warrenpoint

Food in Warrenpoint

Warrenpoint has many fine food outlets – cafes, restaurants and takeaways! Check out some of the wide ranging choice on offer HERE


Taxi Warrenpoint

Drink Sensibly so the message goes!

Drink Sensibly Blues on the Bay Warrenpoint

If you are planning a heavy weekend on the booze – check out the information below – which some of us have been know to do around this weekend.

If you are “Day drinking” :

  • Have a glass of water in between drinks
  • Replace your vitamin B
  • Have a Power Nap

Food helps to absorb alcohol so the old adage “don’t drink on an empty stomach” is one that is sure to help some!

Learn the recovery position!

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Hangover cure

  • Add lemon to water and eating citrus fruit
  • Potassium replacement in a banana

Is Umeboshi the hangover miracle cure

“They say its a surefire winner to beat the sicky feeling, kill the headache and ease the self loathing. The ume fruit is a highly alkaline acidic fruit which is the perfect remedy for an upset stomach – Be bedside table ready pop it in before you hit the sack”

Hangover Miracle Cure

You can get this stuff HERE – does anyone know if this works?Blues Festival Warrenpoint 2019

There will be lots of great guitar players performing this week – check out this free lesson – THE FIRST THING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO PLAY BLUES GUITAR?

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