Funny Irish Youtubers

Funny Irish YouTubers

This videos are sure to make you smile!!!

The Irish, at home and all over the world, are a people who love having lots of fun and craic!

We have put together 5 videos that we are sure you have seen before but are worth seeing again just to get your day started with a laugh!

Sudocrem: the Irish Cure For Everything!

Sudocrem is the Irish cure all for everything…take a look at the very funny video below!

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The Irish Family and The Bat Video

This video went crazy viral! The Irish family and their bat are now internet worldwide famous.

Absolutely Batty!

 “They are laughing their holes off at ya!”

The reaction of this young Irish guy’s father to his attempt to get You Tube views is priceless!

He burns the mouth of himself eating cinnamon and his father can be heard in the background chastising him for what he will do to get You Tube views!

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Dad using Sat Nav: The greatest heap of _______________!

You will be giggling at this video!

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Only In Ireland….

So what are they saying….You might not understand them but you know they are having a good time!

We have no doubt these men will be having plenty of craic on St Patricks Day 2029

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Click the link pic below to read all about Saint Patrick


St Patrick and the snakes in Ireland


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