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URGENT Read Below

Protect Your Business from Lockdown Ruin!

As if things couldn’t get any worse ! 

A lockdown on retail has just been announced for the end of November 2020!

Christmas is traditionally a boom time for local business but the Covid pandemic has devastated all our plans to try and make something out of the tail end of a horrible 2020!

The pandemic has not been bad for everyone though.

Some of the biggest global tech companies have seen their sales skyrocket!

Small businesses look on helplessly as the big tech giants eat into your profits as more people are buying online.

It’s simple!

We have to embrace the online business game!

We may not be able to beat them but we should certainly join them

What’s the Point / wants to skyrocket shopping local by embracing online.

Let’s partner up!

We want to give your business access to our huge online audience in a cool, fun and engaging way!

Let’s get your products in front of local buyers using the internet.

The Covid pandemic has seen so much of our way of life turned on it’s head. 

We do not know what the run up to Christmas 2020 has in store for us.

But together let’s take back some control!

Let’s make Christmas 2020 a fun and entertaining one for your customers – be seen giving it your all on What’s the Point? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, Website and email!

There is no better way locally to get eyes on your products on the run up to Christmas!

Use the Warrenpoint Virtual Christmas Market (and the superb package we have put together – see below) to smash through any physical restrictions that might prevent your customers from getting to you.

Shop Local by Embracing Online

We want to help all local businesses with a free stall in our Warrenpoint Virtual Christmas Market.

It’s a fun and novel way to show off your offers on the run up to Christmas!

How can YOU do more to grab the online attention of local people?

Here’s what we at What’s the Point? can do to help you!

We help you to grow your business bigger and faster online!

We want to supercharge your Christmas 2020 marketing campaign.

We offer you the opportunity to reap the benefits for your business by featuring you in our hugely popular social media videos.

We will run an extensive Warrenpoint Virtual Chritsmas Market Online campaign – put your business at the centre of that online buzz.

Your local business needs to be advertising on social media – we will take care of that for you by running a paid targeted campaign featuring the products and businesses at our Warrenpoint Virtual Chritsmas Market.

The next bit is pretty special and you and your business should not miss this exclusive opportunity – you can see what we will cover below)

We are running Live Online Digital Marketing Seminars for any business who have purchased our Pandemic Proof Offer Below.

Putting your local businesses in Warrenpoint and beyond on the virtual map!

You can purchase below (if you don’t want the full might of our marketing skills to help you in these tough times, you can still avail of your free listing below)

Sound too good to be true? We get it.

But here’s why you can feel confident in everything we’ve shared with you – we are working tirelessly to put Warrenpoint, the Carlingford Lough and Mournes area on the virtual map for a number of years now !

We strive to shine the brightest light we can on our home.

For Just £29.99 we can help you stand out from the rest.


Pandemic Proof Your Christmas Sales

£ 29
One-off payment
  • Your Products in What's The Point Virtual Market Social Media videos
  • Your Products in a Virtual Market Paid Digital Advertising Campaign
  • Link to your Website or Social Media Platform to maximise conversions
  • Exposure to 10,000's of local people across our digital platforms
  • Be seen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, Webite & Email
  • Stunning Stall Cover Product Pic Design
  • BONUS* - Online Live Business Training : Never Be Lost, Ignored or Overlooked Online Again! (See Below)

*Bonus Training: Never Be Lost, Ignored or Overlooked Online Again!

Today’s Live Session Training – 3.30pm , Friday 20 November 2020

Next Live Training Session – 3pm , Monday 23 November 2020

What we will cover:

  1. The simple three step solution to crystal clear clarity in your online marketing and sales
  2. Why it’s all about your message (not the technology)
  3. Never ever be stuck, lost or confused about what to post on your Social Media Platforms again

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Shop Local, Embrace Online is our mantra and we relish the opportunity to partner up with you to skyrocket your sales online

Shop Local, Embrace Online

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