Busking Competition in Warrenpoint on Saturday 26 August 2017


Competition Time!!! Win a Kid’s Starter Guitar Pack HERE


UPDATE:  We cannot wait to announce the dates of the Wake The Giant Festival 2018 in Warrenpoint when we receive official confirmation from Newry, Mourne & Down Council.


Check out the video of some of the performers HERE


Wake the Giant is a free event for all the family brought to us by Newry, Mourne & Down District Council.


There is a busking competition at Warrenpoint Town Centre on Saturday 26 August 2017 as part of the Wake the Giant Festival


As well as getting an opportunity to perform your music in front of an audience, there is cash up for grabs and a chance to perform on the Festival stage for the winners.


The Warrenpoint busking competition has four categories:


Under 16s – Solo
Under 16s – Group
Over 16s – Solo
Over 16s – Group
Take a look at the wonderful prizes on offer!
Groups 16 & Over 1st – £300, 2nd – £200, 3rd – £100
Solo 16 & Over 1st –  £200, 2nd – £125, 3rd – £75
Groups Under 16 1st –  £200, 2nd – £150,  3rd – £100
Solo Under 16 1st – £150, 2nd – £100, 3rd – £50

Who will be judging the Busking competition?
Well that’s what makes this exciting!!!
If you are a performer, you won’t know who the judges are as this will be done anonymously on a walk around at various stages of the afternoon. That will take the pressure off and allow you to give a natural performance.

Why you should try busking?

If you are just starting out as a musician, busking is great for your confidence and getting over the fear of performing in front of people. Getting the experience of playing in front of people cannot be is the best way to learn the art of performance!
For the seasoned performer, it is an opportunity to hone your performance skills and possibly try out new music to gauge what sort of response it gets.
Check out this amazing musician busking on the street…

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e8P5bbKaGM” /]

Here is our guide to busking greatness!

Perhaps you should try out some of the following tips at the Warrenpoint busking competition on Saturday!
– Choose your busking spot well – get there early and suss out where the best spot might be – where the most people traffic is, a place for a crowd to congregate, where you can shelter!
– You will need to bring your own battery powered amplification if that is required 
– Have a long enough and varied set that you can please all (this wont happen!!!) so that you can avoid repeating songs!
– Bring Water
– Bring a coat – (It is Ireland) !
– Bring rain cover – (It is Ireland) – to protect your gear!
– Bring Suncream – (It is Ireland – it is summer some days and hopefully will be this weekend)
– Be prepared – practice your set and have a set list
– Bring spare strings if you are a guitarist!
– Look the part! Dress to impress and put on a show!
– Be grateful – Give a wink and a smile to anyone who parts with their pennies!
– Be patient  – you might get have spectators who want to sing along!
– Enjoy yourself!
You can enter the competition HERE
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