Wayne Denner

Wayne Denner

Online Safety Expert

Wayne Denner

From the Bandstand with Wayne Denner.


Wayne is an Online Reputation Expert from Warrenpoint.


For most parents today a big issue is how to protect your child online.


We ask Wayne – how can I keep my child safe online?


From The Bandstand, Wayne advises us about becoming informed digital parents in a world were our kids accessing the internet is the norm.


Wayne advises us to have regular conversations with our children about online safety to ensure they remain safe while using social networks.


You will see in the video the Top 4 online safety tips that every person should know:


+ Know what social networks they are using

+ Enable filtering software on your broadband

+ Talk to your kids about the internet

+ Set up a Google Alert


Online Reputation is an issue that we all have to give some thought to. When you post on the internet it never really goes away even if you delete.


It is vital to think before you post!


For young people, also keep in mind that potential future employees will be looking at your online activity when they are considering you for a job!


Check out the video and Wayne’s tips on how to ensure our children are safe online.


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