Warrenpoint Windmill

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Windmill in Warrenpoint

The Windmill once towered over everything in Warrenpoint!

It is being celebrated and remembered in 2018 by the Warrenpoint Men’s Shed who have made a functioning replica complete with turning sales!

The replica will be on a display tour in various venues over the next couple of months.

Meantime check out our video of this faithful recreation of wonderful piece of Warrenpoint history.

Check out the wonderful video here from Shedders Marty Smith (Warrenpoint Men’s Shed) and Mark Gibbons (Rostrevor Men’s Shed) HERE



Men's Shed Warrenpoint

The sales of the Warrenpoint Windmill were over 42 feet in length.

It was built by Robert Turner in 1802.

The mill was operated at one point by Issac William Glenny & Sons.

You can see advertisements in the Northern Whig and The Newry Telegraph in 1845 and 1846 of the business opportunity to lease the Windmill offering “advantages seldom to be met”!

Windmill in Warrenpoint

Windmill in Warrenpoint

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The Windmill in Warrenpoint was referenced in the Dublin Penny Journal of 1834

Warrenpoint would have had a population of 2000 people at the time the Windmill was in action.

Corn and wheat grown in the local farms was milled at the Windmill which would have supplied the local bakeries.

You can see in the paper ad, the wheat grown in the surrounding farms was “abundant and of the best quality”

Pigit’s Dictionary of 1824 mentions the Windmill.

“One can well imaging that it’s sentinel , the old windmill, was a heart gladdening sight to the sailor home from sea”

In 1824, Warrenpoint was described as a ‘small but rapidly improving town… contains a large number of lodging houses for the accommodation of visitors, hot and cold baths, and an excellent inn.

The Warrenpoint Windmill Today

Windmill in Warrenpoint today

Check out the drone footage of The Windmill as it stands today!

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