Bluebell Wood Warrenpoint Northern Ireland

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Bluebell Wood, Warrenpoint

UPDATE: Virtual Bluebell Wood, Warrenpoint Below 2021!

Bluebell Wood, Warrenpoint!

The Bluebell flower makes a glorious appearance in bloom in springtime in Ireland!

The Bluebells are also known as the wood hyacinth.

Warrenpoint is surely one of the best places in Northern Ireland to enjoy the beauty of the Bluebell.

The Bluebells arrive almost overnight like a spring blue carpet on the forest floor.

The heavenly blue is nature’s way of letting us know spring has arrived!

(…or perhaps it’s the magic of the fairies at work!)

Bluebells : Enchantment and Magic

Bluebells in Northern Ireland visit warrenpoint bluebell wood whats the point

We already know we live in a mystical area of magic and enchantment.

From Finn McCool to Narnia, our little corner of the world is a special place.

And no better proof that the fairies live among us, that we are blessed with such a beautiful Bluebell wood!

When you walk through the Blue bell wood there is a sense of wonder and magic all around!

It truly is a wildflower spectacle!

Did you know there is an old fairy story if a child picked a Bluebell, they would never be seen again!!!

Bluebells in Northern Ireland visit warrenpoint bluebell wood whats the point fairies stories ireland

(Best not to pick them just in case – they play a vital role in our local ecosystem – read more below)

What does the Bluebell flower represent?

It is said the Bluebell flower is the symbol of gratitude, love and humility.

Floriography is the language of flowers and was used by the Victorians to send coded messages.

So if you got a bunch of Bluebells from someone, you now know what it would have meant!

What month do Bluebells flower?

Bluebells will flower depending on how mild our winter is. A cold winter can mean that the Bluebells will come into bloom late.

We usually have it mild in Ireland during the winter.

(Remember the Beast from the East in 2018 – the arrival of the Beast From the East to our shores.)

The bluebell is a bulbous herb that spends most of it’s life underground emerging around this time of year.

Each flower has six petals with it’s up turned tip revealing all it’s beauty.

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Bluebell Season

As you will see if you take a visit to the Bluebell Wood in Warrenpoint, there must be millions of flowers all seeking out the warm rays of the sun.

As you will read below, they have the wood floor to themselves and have no woodland competition.

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8 Amazing Bluebell Facts!

  1. Half of the world’s population of Bluebells grow in the UK and Ireland!
  2. It takes the Bluebell 5 YEARS!!! to grow from a seed to the glorious blue bulb we all get to enjoy!
  3. Bees just love the Bluebell as much as we do (so be careful not to trample on them both)
  4. The Bluebell is an early source of nectar for the Bees (don’t pick them! They are precious for our environment)
  5. The Blue Bell is a sign of an ancient woodland
  6. Our ancestors would have used the Bluebell to make glue! 
  7. The Bluebell is at the centre of many ancient legends and myths
  8. Scientists are investigating the healing power of the Bluebell to cure diseases

How long do the Bluebells bloom?

Bluebells flower before all other plants in the woods. They have no pollinator competition and thus grow in their abundance.

The Blue bell leaf is 7mm to 25mm wide and 45cm in length. They are strap-shaped, smooth and hairless, with a pointed tip.

Check out a video below of our beautiful Blue Bell Wood!

Be Aware!

Blue Bell Wood is on private ground so be respectful if you visit!

Stick to the paths and do not trample on or pick the flowers (remember, they have an important job to do).

Access to the Blue Bell road is often made via a really busy, fast carriageway.

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