Staycation in Northern Ireland: Explore. Dream. Discover.

“Once a year, go somewhere you have never been before."
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Dalai Lama

Do you want to know what makes us really happy?

Somebody discovering a wonder, place or experience around Carlingford Lough and the Mournes for the first time that they didn’t know existed!

As the Dalai Lama says go somewhere you have never been before LOCALLY (we added that bit!!!)

Summer 2022 Staycations in Ireland might just be that time!

What is a Staycation?

Warrenpoint Promenade Carlingford Lough
Carlingford Lough & Mourne Mountains

It combines words ‘Stay’ and ‘Vacation’!

Quite simply a staycation is when you holiday in your own country – no long distance travel by air and sea required

It really goes deeper than that – it’s about getting to really know our own part of the world, the people, their lives and holidaying at a slower, chilled out, fun pace. 

It does not even have to be a “holiday” as such, it can be an overnight stay or even a day trip to a local attraction.

(Did anyone see the queues at Dublin Airport in 2022?)

Dublin Airport 2022 Queues Funny Memes

Why a Staycation?

The Covid Pandemic of 2020 had seen international travel ground to a halt.

Your favourite holiday destinations in the Mediterranean or further afield might were off limits for nearly two years as air travel was restricted.

As the Lockdown restrictions were gradually relaxed, we will all needed some relaxation and fun so we looked closer to home!

Everyone who lives on the shores of Carlingford Lough and in The Mournes experiences the beauty on a daily basis.

It might just be way people now holiday with more visitors to ‘staycating” at home in Ireland / Northern Ireland and coming to spend some time with our landscapes and hospitality .

Look at what we wake up to every morning to let’s share it with everyone else!

Let's Make it a Holiday at Home!

When you think “Holiday” – What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

A Glass of Wine or Beer…Sunshine…Reading a Book….Breakfast in Bed……Having great food? …Exploring the history of the place?

A vacation means many things for different people – if you love the sun and heat, Ireland might not hit the spot (look at our thoughts on the weather below)

If the sun and heat is not number one priority for you (and we may not be able to fly anyway) we can still enjoy a little break.

Why a Staycation in Northern Ireland / Ireland ?

We really have it all – the outdoors, great hospitality and lots of things to do in the Warrenpoint , Carlingford Lough and Mournes!

Water Skiing on Carlingford Lough, Mediterranean Style below!

Warrenpoint🧡and💛Carlingford💚Lough💙looking💜all🧡Mediterranean💛in💚this💙vid - all you need to know here

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There is stunning history, fine restaurants, fabulous places to stay, welcoming pubs and lots to do for all the family!

We have a full list below of all Warrenpoint has to offer (make sure to come back – we are adding to this all the time – MAKE SURE TO SIGN UP TO OUR WHAT’S ON EMAIL TOO!)

Have you had a local Staycation?

What about an evening meal, watching a live band and an overnight stay in Warrenpoint if you live in Omeath or Newcastle?

We are always delighted to read on our social media channels about the wonderful time people had staying over in Warrenpoint for a night out – the things is they were “local” but they made it feel like a holiday (and that’s the way to do it!)

Warrenpoint is a mecca for live music!

The Skylite Rooms has played host to Coolio, The Calling , Aslan, The Four of Us and a host of other great bands.

Rock on The Lough has presented some of the best rock bands in Ireland from Thin AZ Lizzy , Whole Lotta Voltage (Ireland’s Number 1 AC/DC tribute act) to Raised on Rock.

Narrow Water Castle provides the majestic backdrop for summer music events and a cracking New Year’s Eve Party  – from Dance music to Prog rock!

Warrenpoint has live music from a host of local musicians and artists from rock to traditional in all the pubs (see below for details)- there’s something for all music tastes!

The Blues on The Bay is one of Ireland’s biggest music festivals blasting out vibes across the Lough at the end of May each year.

Blues on The Bay Warrenpoint

Rostrevor plays host to the Fiddler’s Green Festival which has hosted the biggest names in the world of folk and Irish traditional music.

Check out The Calling play their WORLDWIDE HIT on stage at the Skylite Room, Warrenpoint.

Pretty good! We think you’ll agree!

Wherever You Will Go by The Calling Live in Warrenpoint! Check out this

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Holiday? But I'm still at home!

Yes you are!

But what a place to call home – the stunning Mourne Mountains attracts walkers from all over the world!

Chances are you are like us and have trotted off to different countries on vacation while missing out on what is on our own doorstep!

We want to change that!

There is no doubt that it will take a shift in perspective to make this work.

There are loads of cool things you probably have never even thought about doing that you could try.

Do not be put off by the thought because you are “staycating” (is that even a word??) local that you are not on holiday.

It’s about being creative and expressing true gratitude for what we have got all around us!

Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times

Staycation: Weather in Ireland!

Irish Weather Four Seasons in One Day

This is the elephant in the room when it comes to holidaying in Ireland!

What about the weather?

Well, what about it? It’s Ireland (you know the deal!)

There is no doubt that an Irish Summer can be hit or miss!

But what if the holiday in the sun is not an option?

Remember, we talked above about putting things into perspective!

Flexibility is the name of the game!

We are an island – our weather is never boring! It changes quickly and we just have to adapt (as we always do).

There is an amazing beauty in all weather – check out local artist – Jacqueline Rooney talk about that on our podcast (check out the links below to listen!)

There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!

Staycation: It's about Imagination!

Staycation Warrenpoint

It will require a shift on how we think about things!

It requires some thought and effort to get the best Staycation in Ireland for 2020 but it so worth making it happen.

Do your research, set your budget and have your itinerary.

We all are used to working remotely due to the Coronavirus pandemic but when you are on staycation switch off the computer and notifications on the phone.

You might be physically closer to your home office, workplace, customers and clients but remember you are on HOLIDAY!


Your Warrenpoint Stay: Where, What, Who and Why!



The Whistledown Hotel

The Whistledown Hotel , Warrenpoint

Warrenpoint Where to Stay The Whistledown

The Lough & Quay

The Lough & Quay, Warrenpoint

Lough and Quay Warrenpoint Where to Stay


  • Narrow Water Self Catering Accommodation – 67 Newry Rd, Warrenpoint, Newry BT34 3LE 07784 730826
  • Dromore Court Self Catering – 3 Dromore Heights, Warrenpoint, Newry BT34 3UU 07707 137409


  • East Coast Glamping -34 Upper Knockbarragh Rd
    028 4173 9923
Where to eat in Warrenpoint


The Whistledown Hotel – (Bistro Style Cuisine)
Number 7 Duke Street – (Eclectic Cuisine – steak to a ramen noodle bowl; cocktails)
Raymies – (Seafood and Grill Restaurant)
Lough and Quay / Vecchia Roma – (Italian food & Pizzeria)*
Sweet Pea (Afternoon tea & Bistro style cuisine, superb surroundings )
Diamonds ( A Warrenpoint institution- serving traditional Irish Cuisine)*

The Genoa – Legendary Fish and Chips*



Cafes in Warrenpoint

Fullabeans (Cafe/Bistro – great cooked breakfast & sweet treats)
Bric Cafe (An American style cafe serving delicious Bagels, Crepes & Coffee)
The Zone Tearooms (Breakfast Baps and Scones & Tea)
Church Lane (Food with at twist; superb coffee to boot)

Leafy Greens & Co. (Vegetarian Options; Organic; Coffee)

Deliltes (Freshly mades sandwiches; Coffee)

Corn Dolly (Cafe at popular Bakery)
O’Hares Bakery (Cafe at to popular Bakery)


Warrenpoint Fast Food Takeaway

Friar Tucks (Burgers, Chips, Pizza)

Sylvia’s (Chinese)

Brief Encounters (Kebabs/Pizza)

Pizza Point (Pizza|Kebabs)

Oriental Red (Chinese)

Country Fried Chicken

The Welcome Inn (Chinese)

Dolce Vita (Pizza)

Pubs & Bars

Bars and Pubs in Warrenpoint

Molly’s (Traditional Irish pub)

Number 7 (Modern, Live Music, Sports, Serves Food)

Ye Olde Ship (Modern, Live Music, Sports)

First and Last (Traditional Irish, Family Run, Live Music, Sports)

The Victoria (Traditional Irish, Family Run, Live Music, Sports,)

Lough and Quay (Live Music, Sports, Serves Food)

The Marine Bar 

Irish National Foresters Club (Traditional Irish, Pool & Darts)

The Whistledown (Luxurious Decor, Family Friendly, Live Music, Events, Sports, Serves Food)


The Genoa, Square, Warrenpoint

Timoney’s , Church Street, Warrenpoint


Municipal Park Warrenpoint
Warrenpoint Municipal Park

Municipal Park, Warrenpoint Town Centre – Beautifully tended, includes original listed Edwardian Bandstand & Play park , Toilet Facilities

Kilbroney Park (Cafe, Toilet & Shower facilities, Camp Site, Mountain Bike Trail, Mountain Walking trails, Play parks, Picnic areas, Events)

Clonallon Park (Great open Green Space, Football pitch, Basketball Court, Dog Walking)

Narrow Water Keep (Historic Site)

Take a virtual tour of Narrow Water Keep, Warrenpoint! Check out more here

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28 Things to do and See in Warrenpoint, Carlingford Lough and The Mournes?

These are in no particular order:

  1. Have a picnic in Warrenpoint Municipal Park
  2. Go Kitesurfing on Carlingford Lough
  3. Get an ice cream in Warrenpoint
  4. Take a trip to Fiddlers Green
  5. Grab a great pint of Guinness!
  6. Spot Finn McCool on the Cooleys
  7. A Walk to Cloughmor
  8. Water Sports on Carlingford Lough
  9. Visit Bagenal’s Castle Newry 
  10. Walk along Promenade in Warrenpoint
  11. Mourne Mountains Walking Trails
  12. A Kilbroney Park Stroll
  13. Mountain Bike Trails 
  14. Catch a great Live Music Gig
  15. A visit to an Ancient Coronation Stone
  16. Explore a Neolithic Fort
  17. Skim pebbles on the Beach
  18. Play Tennis
  19. Watch the local football teams – Warrenpoint GAA and Town FC
  20. A Carlingford Lough Cruises 
  21. Have the finest cup of coffee!
  22. Browse the shops in Warrenpoint Town Centre
  23. Have a go a Bowls!
  24. Visit the Local Men’s Shed
  25. Have a row of a Currach on the Lough
  26. Wow! Paint stones from the beach
  27. Take part in a Beach Clean
  28. We have superb Festivals in Warrenpoint

We would love to hear your suggestions of things to do in the Warrenpoint, Carlingford Lough, Mourne and County Down area


A walk to Cloughmor

Carlingford Lough!

If you are from Warrenpoint, have you ever spend a night in Carlingford? If you live and love in the Carlingford Lough hinterland – why not expand our experience of our neighbours.

You might enjoy our article Carlingford Lough: Lives and Legends

A summer visit to our Lough neighbours is always a lovely day out! Why do we love it? It’s where we call home...

Posted by What's The Point? on Sunday, June 7, 2020


Staycation Visit Greater Newry

The What’s The Point / Visit team captured the amazing video below on a staycation from Warrenpoint, Co. Down to Newcastle, Co. Down.

Yes! A whole 25 mile down the road and there in 40 minutes – who needs airports anyway?

An overnight stay in the Slieve Donard Hotel in Newcastle, even though we were only 30 minutes away from home, was a refreshing and relaxing break.

BONUS! We even captured an amazingly cool video on the Sunday morning too – that’s the magic of where we live! - Newcastle vs Carlingford Lough?

Posted by What's The Point? on Saturday, April 25, 2020

Makes a great gift!

Staycation Gift

If you are buying a gift for a family member or a friend, how cool would it be to buy them a voucher for dinner in a local restaurant, tickets for a gig or an activity in the Mournes as part of their staycation here.

(BTW If you are in business and need a way to sell your stuff online – check out this FREE e-commerce solution HERE)

Check out some of our Wonders Below

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Carlingford Lough

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Where did the word Staycation originate?

The Staycation originated in America after the Global Recession of 2008.

People were spending less money because of job losses or fear.

But it does not just have to be for those on low budgets – it’s about getting to really know your own locality, explore the local culture .

I try and see our area through the eyes of a visitor and everytime I do, I just go "Wow"

The Benefits of a Staycation

  1. You save money
  2. You are revitalising your local economy in tougher times!
  3. You know the lie of the land
  4. Who needs airports anyway??
  5. Short stays do not need a fortnight worth of luggage – travel light.
  6. Flexibility – you can decide to change the plan at a moments notice.
  7. It’s good for the Environment – less pollution
  8. Focus on the important things – family time!
  9. Reset our values –
  10. Slow Tourism taps into a more relaxed rhythm of life
  11. Learn about the community we visit at a deeper level!
  12. You can go home quickly if it is not working out!

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