Hazardous Waste Application Warrenpoint

Hazardous Waste Warrenpoint

UPDATE – 19 July 2017 – Re-Gen withdraws their application to locate a hazardous waste facility at Warrenpoint

Check out their statement below:

Update 11 July 2017Warrenpoint Harbour requests the withdrawal of hazardous waste facility – read the statement HERE

Following on from our recent post on the application from local waste management company, ReGen, to operate a hazardous waste facility located at Warrenpoint Harbour, we have compiled a summary of the Carlingford Lough community response and statements from local representatives, ReGen and Warrenpoint Port.

There has been much debate online and in the local print press on this issue. The people of Carlingford Lough are right to be concerned about this issue and to voice their concerns and opposition to this proposal.

Check out some of the recent online developments around the controversial application to locate a hazardous waste facility at Warrenpoint Harbour.

No Toxic Lough

A local pressure group No Toxic Lough has been established on Facebook to lobby against the application to locate a hazardous waste facility at Warrenpoint Harbour.

The page has been highlighting the environmental and social issues that may be affected by the proposed location of this facility.

A statement by Sinead Bradley, SDLP MLA for the area, stated that she had “gathered some facts” about the application and the process going forward.

A statement by the recently elected MP for South Down, Chris Hazzrd of Sinn Fein stated:

The local community has been increasingly concerned that plans to construct a hazardous waste facility in Warrenpoint were being advanced behind closed doors and hidden from public scrutiny. 

Given the delicate environmental setting of Warrenpoint harbour on Carlingford Lough there are understandable fears that a hazardous waste plant would be hugely detrimental to the ecological wellbeing of the local area. 

Having raised this issue with Re-Gen last week I welcome their confirmation that a comprehensive community consultation will take place this summer giving the local South Down and north Louth community the opportunity to scrutinise the proposal in full view of the facts. 

Sinn Féin have been clear from the outset that any plans to construct a hazardous waste facility on Carlingford Lough must be fully transparent and open to public scrutiny. We were disappointed that public fears were inadvertently allowed to grow in a vacuum of information around this application. 

From this point onwards the community must be afforded full transparency and openness to what is proposed.

The Newry based waste management company, Re-Gen Waste, who presented the application for the hazardous waste facility at Warrenpoint Harbour released this statement on Facebook.

The reaction of one Warrenpoint resident to this statement in a comments sums up the strong feelings that the Carlingford Lough community have for this proposal:

Warrenpoint Harbour Authority released this statement:

Warrenpoint Harbour Authority would like to clarify that the proposal from Regen Waste to develop a new waste management facility at the Harbour will be subject to exactly the same rigorous processes, procedures and scrutiny as any other proposed development on the site.

In this instance, this will require the applicant to achieve the necessary permits and licenses from the NI Environment Agency, appropriate planning approval for the development and of course the approval of the Board of Warrenpoint Harbour Authority, if this project is to progress. At this stage the applicant is very much at the starting point of these processes and they do so entirely at their own risk. For our part we will continue to monitor closely how their plans progress.

Warrenpoint Harbour Authority remains fully committed to working with the community for the benefit of all our stakeholders. As such, we have encouraged the applicant to undertake a comprehensive community consultation exercise to ensure full transparency around this project and to give stakeholders an opportunity to have any concerns around this proposal addressed. We welcome their recent confirmation that this consultation programme will begin in the near future.”

Gerry Adams – hazardous waste facility in Warrenpoint

Gerry Adams, Louth TD and President of Sinn Fein had this to say:

Concerns have been raised with Sinn Féin representatives who represent both sides of Carlingford Lough, about the potential environmental impact of a proposal to construct a hazardous waste treatment facility in Warrenpoint.

Carlingford Lough is an area of outstanding natural beauty with the Mourne Mountains to the North and the Cooley’s to the South. It is a significant tourist destination for thousands of visitors each year. There are understandable fears about the potential damage a waste disposal facility might pose to the area.

My colleague Chris Hazzard MP raised these concerns directly with Re-Gen last week. They told him that a comprehensive community consultation will take place this summer. However it isn’t clear if this consultation will also include the Louth side of the Lough.

I have written to Re-Gen Waste Ltd, the Warrenpoint Harbour Authority, to the two Councils that border Carlingford Lough, and to the respective government departments on both sides of the border asking that the fullest information is made available to local communities. Transparency is essential so that those who might be affected by this plant have the opportunity to decide their attitude to it and have a say in its future

An online petition in opposition to the application has received over 1400 signatures. You can sign the petition HERE or click the pic below!


Hazardous Waste Application Warrenpoint

Update 11 July 2017Warrenpoint Harbour requests the withdrawal of hazardous waste facility – read the statement HERE

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